Part Two of Trade-Ups

      In the previous trade-up blog, we understood what trade-ups are and how they work. Today, we will delve deeper into the float values of skins because our outcomes mainly depend on that.

      What is a Float Value?

      All weapons in CS2 come in different wear conditions and float values. You can find out yours by inspecting the skin in your inventory.

      Take a look at the float ranges for each condition below:

      ConditionFloat Range  
      Factory New0.00 – 0.07
      Minimal Wear0.07 – 0.15
      Field-Tested0.15 – 0.38
      Well-Worn0.38 – 0.45
      Battle-Scarred0.45 – 1.00

      Not all skins in CS2 follow this range; some skins are not available in all conditions. For example, SSG-08 Blood in the Water is limited from 0.06 to 0.20, making it unavailable in Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred conditions. Now that we understand what a float value is, let’s see how we can use that to profit.

      The Process

      To make this easier, we already have multiple trade-up calculators that show us possible outcomes along with their float values. I personally use Skin Search as they have a good user experience.

      Let’s take a look at a profitable trade-up contract for now.

      This trade-up contract will cost you ~$15.75 and has a 50/50 chance at profit.

      As you can see, there is only 1 Minimal Wear skin in the contract, and the rest are Field Tested, but all the outcomes are Minimal Wear. That’s where the float value of the skin comes into play. Playing it smart with the float values will make your trade-ups much cheaper, as prices usually increase as you go up in Exterior Conditions.

      Numerous YouTubers and streamers engage in costly and high-risk trade-ups to achieve a #1 Float Value in a skin (Lowest Float). One notable YouTuber is Sparkles, who has dedicated more than a year and spent thousands of dollars to obtain the #1 AWP Dragon Lore. We wish him luck for his success in this journey and hope he achieves his goal one day.

      Trade-ups are very entertaining but will require time and effort to secure the specific float values you seek in the skin for the best possible outcome. Whoever is reading this we wish you the best of luck with your trade-up journey, and we encourage you to share your Trade-Up Journey/Contracts in our Discord Group.

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