Ever since CS2 hit the scene, Dust 2 has been a big deal in the game. But things got interesting on April 25th when Dust 2 got back into the Active Duty map pool, bidding farewell to Overpass.

      This switcheroo didn’t just change how the game is played. It also got folks talking in the CS2 market, especially about souvenir packages. The last time we saw Dust 2 packages was during the Rio 2022 Major. Now, that Dust 2 is back, people are expecting new packages in the next major. And guess what? The price of old Dust 2 packages is dropping as folks prepare for the new ones.

      On the flip side, Overpass, now out of the Active Duty pool, saw a spike in its souvenir package prices at first. But now, things seem to be settling down, going back to how they were before. We think holding onto Overpass packages could be a good idea. Since there won’t be any new ones in the next major, their value might shoot up again.

      The CS2 Active Duty shuffle doesn’t just change how we play; it also shakes up the market. With Dust 2 back and Overpass stepping aside, players and collectors need to keep their eyes peeled for the next big moves in the CS 2 market.

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