CS: GO hasn’t had a new operation in nearly three years, with the last ending on February 21, 2022. Developers haven’t hosted events for over a thousand days, but this might change soon.

      What’s New in the Upcoming CS2 Operation?

      Gabe Follower highlighted five new maps, including the famous Pool Day for “Arms Race” and Assembly for “Wingman” mode. Another data miner, Rikuda, mentioned two maps for Wingman and two for matchmaking, possibly including Train, Cobblestone, and Danger Zone. The new operation might be released on June 19.

      Changes in the Game Code

      Lines related to the “Guardian” mode have been removed from the game files. New lines about NPCs with custom scripts and advanced AI have appeared. The code now supports creating cut scenes.

      Comics and More

      Developers added comic support, similar to past operations like “Wildfire.” There are files for comic layouts and viewing them. There are also new lines about melee weapons, but it’s unclear if these are for CS2 or another game on the same engine.

      Upcoming Features

      Back in March, data about the next CS2 operation appeared in the game, called OP12. This includes possible additions like pets, three new weapon collections (AK-47 “Wildfire” and M4A4 “Fade”), and new badges. Gabe Follower warns that developers might change their plans.

      Character clothing and charms, mentioned in the game code since 2016, might also be included.

      When Will It Be Released?

      No official announcement has been made, but data miners think the update will come soon, likely on the night of June 19-20. This date marks the 25th anniversary of the first beta version of CS, and developers often celebrate such milestones. For the 20th anniversary, they released a retro version of Dust2 and a commemorative case with themed skins.

      We look forward to the exciting new content in CS2!

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