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      October Event: Skin Fusion Quest 

      The fragment collection event for October will officially begin on the 1st! Just by logging in daily and engaging in skin trading activities, you will have a chance to randomly receive skin fragments. Gather all the fragments and obtain the ultimate weapon.

      Are you ready to embrace the challenges of this month? Join the Skin Fusion Quest and become the gaming king of October.

      October Weapons List:
      Sport Gloves | Slingshot (Battle-Scarred) 

      StatTrak™ AK-47 | Legion of Anubis (Factory New)

      Lt. Commander Ricksaw | NSWC SEAL

      How to obtain fragments?

      1. Get fragments by logging in daily.
      2. Randomly receive fragments through trading.
      3. Invite friends to receive fragments.
      4. Bind your Steam account to receive fragments.

      HaloSkins will continue to launch more activities, and everyone is welcome to join and play together.

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