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      Exploring the New Rental Features in Counter-Strike

      0HaloSkins, as a leading P2P Counter-Strike marketplace, is excited to talk about the latest rental features for weapon cases. With the recent update on May 24, 2024, players now have an exciting option when they use a key to open the “Kilowatt Weapon Case.” Instead of receiving a single item from the series, they can choose to rent the entire Kilowatt Weapon Case series for a week. This includes every weapon in the case, excluding rare special items, offering players a comprehensive experience of the entire collection.

      How It Works

      1. Weapon Case Rental: Players using a key to open the Kilowatt Weapon Case can opt to rent the entire collection for a week. This means you get access to all the weapons in the case for a limited time, giving you a taste of the full range of items.
      2. Expiration of Rental Period: Once the rental period expires, any equipped rental weapons will automatically be replaced by their original versions. This seamless transition ensures that your inventory remains organized and up-to-date.
      3. Restrictions on Rental Weapons: To maintain the integrity of the rental system, rental weapons come with specific restrictions:
        • No Modifications: Rental weapons cannot be modified with stickers or name tags.
        • Non-Tradable: These weapons cannot be traded or sold on the Steam Community Market, ensuring that they remain within the rental ecosystem.

      Market Impact

      The introduction of these rental features has already begun to influence the market. The tradable skins from the Kilowatt Weapon Case have seen a slight reduction in prices. While it’s too early to predict the long-term effects, it will be interesting to see how the market adjusts to this new dynamic.

      Where to Buy Kilowatt Cases

      Despite changes in the marketplace like Buff163 shutting down the buying and selling of cases, Halo Skins, Waxpeer, and Shadowpay continue to allow the buying and selling of all cases. This makes them excellent choices for purchasing Kilowatt cases, whether you’re looking to rent weapons or add to your collection.

      Global Rental Trading Platforms

      The concept of renting CS2 skins is not new and is embraced worldwide allowing players to rent out their skins to other players at affordable prices and providing a source of passive income.

      • China: C5game and UU are popular platforms where players can engage in rental trading.
      • North America and Europe: LootBear stands out as a leading platform.


      The new rental feature for the Kilowatt Weapon Case is a game-changer for Counter-Strike players. It provides an opportunity to experience the full range of weapons without committing to a single item, adding a new layer of excitement and strategy to the game. As the market adapts to these changes, Halo Skins remains your trusted platform for all your buying, selling, and now renting needs. Explore the new features today and elevate your gaming experience!

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