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      Advanced Affiliates Program

      Advanced Affiliates Program

      Having already formed a cooperation with a top team in Europe, we are now searching for advanced affiliates with marketing teams or gaming communities in other regions around the world. By becoming our advanced affiliate, you will be directly involved in our profit sharing program and assist in our growth together.

      Affiliates we seek

      Gather at least 10,000 online players in communities such as Discord, Telegram, and Facebook.

      Proficient in platform marketing and effectively promoting our products.

      Committed team ensuring prompt resolution of player issues.

      Knowledgeable about the local market and stay informed of competition.

      Resources we provide

      Receive full technical support for the HaloSkins website and app.

      Enjoy operational support and join exclusive marketing campaigns.

      Directly join our profit sharing program and receive our strongest support.

      Integrated local payment support on mobile payment and bank transfer.

      Provide support for local language versions and legal affairs.

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