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      Copenhagen Major 2024: Overview and Our Top Investment Picks

      The CS2 gaming community is eagerly anticipating the first-ever CS2 Major, the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024. The initial matchups have been announced, creating excitement for the top players to showcase their skills. This major is a significant moment for Counter-Strike, bringing improvements like better graphics, enhanced smokes, and a new sub-tick system.

      Since the CS: GO days, the Copenhagen Major has been a big deal for FPS players globally. Recently, we’ve seen top CS teams competing for a chance to be part of this major event, although not everyone can make it to this historic tournament.

      Start Date: 2024 – 03 – 17

      End Date: 2024 – 03 – 31

      When will the sticker capsule be released?

       Tournament stickers have always been popular among CS2 players, serving as both investments and a way to adorn weapon skins while showing support for favorite teams. Historically, stickers from major CS2 tournaments have become valuable assets, often increasing in price significantly over time. The Katowice 2014 stickers are prime examples of CS2 stickers being excellent investments, known as some of the most expensive items on the Steam Market to date. As the CS2 community eagerly looks forward to the upcoming Copenhagen 2024 Major, many fans are growing increasingly curious about the release date of the stickers for this highly anticipated tournament. Looking back at previous majors, it appears that the release should happen sometime this week.

      What do we think would be a good sticker investment right now?

      Not all stickers prove to be profitable investments, as some might lose value over time when the market has more supply than demand. Although this occurrence is rare and uncommon, with CS2 sticker investments gaining popularity, buyers may face challenges in making profits unless they hold onto the stickers for an extended period.

      1. Grayhound Gaming (Holo) | Paris 2023 – $0.62

      Grayhound Gaming, a notable CS: GO team, was privately funded and had a seven-year tenure before disbanding due to missing out on the Copenhagen Major. Despite their dissolution, they possess a relatively affordable borderless sticker from Paris. Notably, this sticker’s price has surged by 50% recently due to market changes. Investors should track these trends closely for potential opportunities.

      2. Fnatic (Holo) | Paris 2023 – $2.9

      This is the only borderless sticker of Fnatic since the Katowice 2014 major and could be considered as a good long-term investment if no more borderless stickers are released in the new Copenhagen 2024 Capsules.

      3. MOUZ (Glitter) | Paris 2023 – $ 0.06

      The only borderless MOUZ (Glitter) sticker in the game currently and we think it is very undervalued right now keeping in mind how great it looks in the game.

      4. Imperial Esports (Holo) | Antwerp 2022- $15.5

      Despite being a potential gamble, the sticker has shown good investment returns so far and has the potential for significant gains if a bordered duplicate is introduced.

      5. Copenhagen Flames (Holo) | Stockholm 2021 – $8.5

      With no new set of stickers expected due to the organization’s bankruptcy, there is potential for investment gains due to an upward trend in prices.

      By focusing on items directly impacted by the Copenhagen Major, such as borderless stickers, Stockholm stickers pre- and post-major, stickers from successful teams, anticipating meta changes, and post-major releases, investors can navigate the CS: GO market with a targeted approach. Stay informed, adapt to market dynamics, and seize investment opportunities presented by major events like the Copenhagen Major for optimal returns.

      Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, please DYOR!

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