A Glimpse into the Golden Era: Katowice 2014 CS:GO Sticker Collection

      If you have been into CS2 for a while you must have heard of these extremely expensive stickers costing up to hundreds and thousands of dollars from the collection called Katowice 2014 Collection or Kato14 as it is known in the community. These virtual collectibles have garnered a huge reputation for being extraordinarily expensive, but have you ever wondered why? In this blog, we’ll delve into the reasons behind its absurd price.

      As a quick background, the collection consists of 15 team stickers featuring an extremely aesthetic design and a beautiful and sought-after Holo version.

      Ninjas in Pyjamas


      Natus Vincere

      Team Dignitas



      CompLexity Gaming

      LGB eSports




      Vox Eminor


      1. Significance

      Valve introduced team stickers for the first time ever during this event, allowing fans to support their favorite teams and players in-game. Each team participating in the tournament had its own set of stickers, and there were also special capsules containing stickers of individual players.

      2. Rarity

      Since CS was in its early days and the player count was nowhere near as it is now, the number of Katowice 2014 capsules bought and opened is very low compared to succeeding collections. Additionally, since investing in skins was not that common back then, most stickers were immediately applied rather than hoarded so it also played a major role in the rarity of the stickers.

      3. Design

      The sticker designs from this tournament are considered some of the best in CS2 history. They feature intricate and visually appealing designs, often showcasing team logos and player signatures. This collection is also one of the few and rare collections where the stickers have no background which is sought after by many collectors.

      Investment and Trading

      Over the years, the value of Katowice 2014 stickers has skyrocketed. Many collectors and investors consider these stickers to be a valuable asset. They are often traded on various online marketplaces and can fetch high prices, especially for rare team stickers or those from disbanded teams.

      The Katowice 2014 CS: GO sticker collection is a testament to the game’s rich history and the passion of its community. These stickers not only allow fans to support their favorite teams and players but also serve as an investment opportunity for those who recognize their growing value. Whether you’re a CS: GO enthusiast or a collector, owning a piece of Katowice 2014 history through these stickers is a cherished experience, showcasing the golden era of CS: GO.

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