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      HaloSkins: The Quick Guide to Top-ups via Gift Cards

      In collaboration with Kinguin, we are excited to introduce a new payment method for our users – gift cards! This addition aims to provide more convenience for users to deposit funds into their HaloSkins accounts., a renowned digital games-related marketplace and a strong supporter of the esports industry offers a wide range of digital products. Among them, you can now find special gift cards exclusively designed for HaloSkins.

      Topping up your HaloSkins account using a Kinguin gift card is a simple and fast process that takes just a few minutes. Let’s find out how it works!

      How to Top-up Your HaloSkins Account Using Kinguin:

      Visit and enter “HaloSkins” in the search bar at the top of the page.

      Choose the most suitable gift card value for you, ranging from $10 to $1000.

      Once you’ve selected the gift card, click “Buy now” and proceed with the purchase. After completing the purchase, you’ll receive a unique code – make sure to copy it!

      Log in to your HaloSkins account and click the “My Wallet ” button in the upper right corner. Then, select the “Deposit” option.

      Among the available deposit methods, choose “Kinguin gift card.”

      Redeem your gift card code by pasting the previously copied code from the Kinguin page where you purchased the gift card. Click the “Deposit” button.

      Congratulations! Your HaloSkins account is now topped up. Feel free to explore and purchase new skins, trade with profits, or cash out with ease.

      Please note: There are no extra fees or commissions when depositing your account using Kinguin gift cards on HaloSkins.

      Enjoy a seamless experience with HaloSkins, where topping up is hassle-free and convenient. Start enhancing your gaming experience today!

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