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      10 Features of CS2 Limited Testing!

      Counter-Strike 2 showcases the biggest technological leap in the history of Counter-Strike, ensuring new features and updates for the coming years.

      When the game is officially announced this summer, all the new features will be unveiled one by one. And the journey to Counter-Strike 2 starts with today’s CS2 limited testing.

      HaloSkins summarizes the features into 10 points. Prepare your weapons, hone your skills, and await CS2.

      1. Counter-Strike 2 is a game currently undergoing a limited testing phase, showcasing new features and updates.

      2. The limited testing will assess and optimize the new features in preparation for the global release.

      3. The game will introduce a new CS overall score system to evaluate players’ performance in the game.

      4. Smoke grenades are now dynamic 3D objects that interact with the environment, reacting to light, gunfire, and explosions.

      5. Smoke can now interact with other gameplay actions, creating new opportunities, such as pushing smoke and enhancing sound occlusion.

      6. Smoke will now permeate from various sources, including doorways, windows, and stairways, and combine with other smoke.

      7. Counter-Strike 2 utilizes an integrated lighting system to achieve more realistic lighting and color effects.

      8. Movement, shooting, and throwing are no longer restricted by tick rates, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.

      9. Maps have been completely overhauled, using Source 2 tools and rendering capabilities to provide clearer, brighter visual effects.

      10. Counter-Strike 2 also includes updates such as refreshed item visuals, high-quality visual effects, UI optimizations, and precise sound design.

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