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      User Guide: Mastering the Bulk Buy Feature

      Greetings, everyone! We are delighted to introduce our latest enhancement: the Bulk Buy feature.

      Some of you may have heard of this amazing feature already through other markets such as Buff163. This remarkable addition elevates your shopping experience by offering a faster and easier shopping method for purchasing large amounts of CS2 skins and items such as cases, capsules, or stickers.

      When browsing good deals on HaloSkins, you will notice the new bulk buy button in the top right corner of each item’s sales page. Upon clicking the button, a new window will appear. Within this window, you’ll be free to select and specify the desired maximum price you’re willing to pay (no matter how low) and quantity for purchase.

      Our Bulk Buy feature accommodates large amounts of skins and items, depending on when you need them. So, whenever you are looking to buy massive amounts of cheap-priced cases or capsules to invest and resell, you can rely on our bulk buy feature for a more convenient shopping experience.

      It’s worth choosing the filter Instant Delivery Items which exclusively shows items that allow you to receive your skins instantly when shopping for discounted skins. So, the next time you see extremely cheap Paris capsules, you can buy them instantly before the seller changes their mind (LOL).

      Once you’ve entered your preferred price and desired quantity, click the “Pay Now” button to finalize your bulk buy purchase. It’s also good to mention that we have integrated new deposit methods such as PayPal (Via v5pay) and SEPA (Via Instaxchange), which US and EU skin enjoyers will benefit from.

      This feature is particularly beneficial for CS2 skin trading and investments, where buying large quantities of skins, cases, or capsules at discounted prices is common in the community. If you want to invest in skins at a discounted price and save time, we are here to provide a convenient shopping experience.

      We highly value your feedback and warmly encourage you to share your experiences on social media. Should you have any suggestions, just reach out to us at

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